POEM: I Can’t Wait | by Adrian

Hi Fam and Friends,

God has recently inspired me through certain trials to see beyond them to the whole point of this life and that is illustrated in this poem.

I hope it blesses your life and refreshes your vision for our true home.


I can’t wait for the day of a clear blue sky with a warm breeze as the sun blows, lying in the comfort of natures arms, smelling real fresh air on the carpenters grass.

It’ll be so peaceful; I could lie there forever admiring the artwork in the atmosphere, and to be able, to sit in the very presence of the One who said don’t be afraid.

There’d be no need for Cleanex and sorry wouldn’t exist it’ll be so bliss and not even a dream could compare, and the evaluation of my imagination’s like describing a stone for the purest gold.

What I’m trying to say in so many words is I can’t accurately describe this place, but I can slightly relay maybe a % of what I might embrace.

I’ve been told it’s a land where you never grow old and place where you can’t measure time, and I’ve also heard a rumour that we’ll draw no tears just joyfully laughing all day.

They say ‘there’s no place like home’ but this place sounds a lot better, and no disrespect to anyone but the One I wanna be with, is Jesus.

I love my fam and like life but the comparison is like one pound compared to a billion, and if you don’t feel the same you obviously don’t have a clue about the place that I’m trying to portray.

Some would think the last comment was quiet insensitive while others are in awe of how awesome this place must be, is the glass half empty or half full, simply you decide.

But me, I can’t wait until I meet that day and trying to live right seemed so worth it, battering temptation and getting hit by lust is all over, it’s all over.

I can’t wait til my eyes fall on the One I pray to, the One I handed my life to, the One who clothed me with the Holy Spirit, the One who said if you believe in me, then heaven is the place you’ll see.

I go weak at the thought of just being with Him with no sin and life’s battles are over, I believe that Jesus Christ has made a perfect place for me; my heavenly home…

…I Can’t Wait!!!


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