POEM: Poem Of Peaceful Day | by Adrian

P, E, A, C, E,
D’you see me,
I just wanna have peace in the morning
Wake with a smile
Smothered by sheets
Lay in for a while
Stroll into work
Free from traffic
Have a brilliant day
For my wage packet
On my way home I’m picked up instead
Praise God for the green light none red
Go home into my humble abode
Kick off my shoes and pull out the rose
Cuddle my wife and kiss on the nose (pause)
And give a big squeeze to Amyrah
Have family prayer,
And just relax,
Conversing bout
Christ coming back
And our little girl,
Then we’ll eat
“BABE” look at the time lets go to sleep!
And wake in thepalaceofHis Kingdomcome
Peace everlasting wrapped up in One . . . . . Jesus


7 thoughts on “POEM: Poem Of Peaceful Day | by Adrian

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    • Hiya Jingle,

      What a lovely comment, sorry it took so long for us to tell you that. The point of Uplifting You Today is to bring encouragement but likewise we are greatly encouraged by your support.

      We’ve got a whole host of poetry and stuff to come soon so be sure to check back in on the page, I hope you’ll like what you’ll see.
      In the meantime, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff we’ve posted since you first read this poem – the blog has grown a bit – so please check it out and let us know if you see anything else you like.

      God bless you =)

  2. God Bless!
    tender and beautiful thoughts shared.

    join our poetry rally if you wish, a cool way to blog, make poetic friends, get encouragements from your peers,
    visit me and share a free verse, thanks for the attention.
    bless your poetry talent.
    keep writing.

    hope to see you share.

    • Hi there,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for your kind comment on the poem. It’s very encouraging given that this site is brand new and still under development.
      We’ll have a lot more output in the near future so watch out for us.
      In the meantime, feel free to explore the current content and have a great day.

      God bless =)

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