POEM: What If? | by Miss Claudine

What if God did not create the world?
Have you ever thought of that?
There would be no me, no you, no life as we know it.
The list is endless, but God in his infinite wisdom created the heavens and the earth.
He separated the waters and called them seas, created the birds and the bee’s, He created the garden, Adam then Eve.
Do you ever think what if Eve had not taken a bite of the fruit and offered it to Adam for him to taste?
What if there was no sin?
But without sin, there’d be no need for Jesus.
Have you ever thought what life would be like without Jesus? The list is endless.
Thank God that we have our High Priest who is always there for us, I dread to think what if God had not sent him.
We’d end up like the one’s who missed Noah’s boat.
I can’t help but think what if?
I challenge you to think about the, what if’s in life and remember the love, grace and mercy God offers us.
The main point with God is that once we have Jesus we have no need to ask or wonder what if.


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