“IT’S A MESSAGE”: Talents | by Taiwo

The book of Matthew 25:18-30 tells of the parable of the talents (I’d recommend to please study these few verses). After reading this parable, one thing was very clear for me to see; and that was the contrast in action taken by the two servants who made profits with their talents and the other servant who hid his master’s talent. The one who hid his master’s talent was described as “wicked and lazy servant” in verse 26 and also as “unprofitable servant” in verse 30.

God began to speak to me and made me understand that these words; “wicked and lazy servant” and “unprofitable servant” are just the words to describe me; and just like the servant with the one talent; I also am a wicked and unprofitable servant in my life. I mean God gives me an hour, a day, a month and even a year; but what do I do with it? Like the wicked servant I go and bury it (in playing games, church activities, “chilling” with friends and many other things) that does not bring increase or is even profitable. Every hour, day, month and year is a gift and talent that God has given to me and wants (expects) me to make profits from but I don’t.

After this revelation from God, my issue now is, how can I use every hour, day, month and year to good effects and make a profit from it? Well James 1:5 gives me the answer; “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him”.

“Lord, I am sorry for being “a wicked and unprofitable servant” with the talent (my time) You’ve given to me. I ask You to forgive me; and right now I ask for Your wisdom that You give freely. Help me to use my time and every other talent You’ve given to me to make more profit and not bury it. In Jesus Name, Amen”

Well, I really hope that God spoke to you as He did to me through this parable and my little revelation. If it speaks to you and you now realised that you have been just like me; wasteful with your time (talent) but now understand what to do (that is ask God for wisdom), then please repeat the above prayer and mean it in your heart but also make a conscious decision to not be a “wicked and lazy servant”.

God bless


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