POEM: Forgetting Hope | by Adrian

Forgetting Hope

Forever’s a long time confined in a day when hope, becomes microscopic.
To blink is a frustration and eating is a chore, and breathing is nothing but a bore. Life is like a mountain and you’re scared of heights, with thin clothes that are skin tight. To lift a smile yields at the force of gravity, and it’s too hard to be polite.

Forgetting hope is quite easy in the sea of circumstances, where it’s clear blue to the horizon. But the hope is that dry lands to approach as the route of routine paddles on. In some seas the right hand believes that the left has left the hope, paddling in cycles. And so many drown, right down to the sea ground, never to return.

For everyone it’s clear to see we need hope, as hopelessness births the above. With love, joy, wealth and happiness don’t mean much lacking a touch of hope. The worlds suicidal when they lose touch with their idle, but more so; the believer who forgets hope, and just grows to hate, the things that he does.

Forgetting hope’s real simple you see short sighted and don’t see the point of wearing specs. But wearing specs resurrects your perspective and conjures up hope, crucial in the ocean. If you decide to find your island that you left your right hand to get to as one. Then your day will go a whole lot faster and climbing a mountain feels so fun.

Forevermore will I implore others and myself to forget, forgetting hope! And remember the slender multitude of blessing for a rendered heart to hope. Routine isn’t a burden and hard work is a breeze, if you have a vision have a hope. And for a Christian, there’s no place like home as heaven is our ultimate hope.
Remember Hope


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