Poem: Letter to my Saviour | by Adrian

As I sat on the floor of my dead Nana’s spare room,
I rest on the rock of my salvation,
I’m found by Him through the cry of my desperation in prayer.
“Oh King, I need you, Most High God!”
Not friend, family, brethren or even my fiancé can repair the shattered glass of emotion,
I’ve deceived myself into thinking it could,
But I now face the cold reality that their temporal occupation cannot match up to Your eternal job.

As the tears mount in my eyes I consider the severity of what has happened,
And realise who she was to me,
A great rock in my life from birth until adulthood,
As she played a powerful part in rearing and directing me to You.

As far back as I can remember she fed my little belly,
And took me to Sunday school so I could see,
I was her youngest helper and she taught me the Lord’s prayer,
Though I turned away from You, she taught me that You were true.

As well as being my teacher, belly feeder and comforter,
She always had time for me, welcoming me and the family with open arms,
Whether a bed to sleep in at late nights or finances for my honeymoon,
My needs were never too far for her to reach.

The fact that she was never too busy for her ungrateful Grandson to be in her presence made my soul calm,
And the joyfulness of her face to receive a hug and a kiss after a visit,
Was like the warm touch of the sun upon the horizon.
Consider my simile because it is not the description of her face but instead the warm feeling of appreciation that she left you with as she states “Thank you for coming” and whispers “Goodbye”

God in heaven, I wish I could grow to be like Grandma,
And love those unconditionally who don’t love me as much as I love those who do,
And I cannot say whether or not she did for friends or brethren,
But I surely know she did for family!

My Father, I thank you so much for being able to spend so much time with Nana,
And though she wasn’t perfect,
I hope I can display,
Her godly characteristics, for all people to see.

Jesus, You’ve comforted me and restored my heart,
And at my best there is only one thing I can say and nothing I can do,
But the mere fact that I’m writing this letter is evident,
That all I am and all I do is simply because of You.

Christ, You are Lord of my life and Lord of my Nana’s,
Thus as You’ve sealed my soul, You’ve sealed hers,
Which guarantees I will see Grandma again,
But sadly to the world my question is  . . . . . “Will you?”

Consider my Saviour and remember
Romans6:23– ‘For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord’.


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