POEM: Lone Love | by Lavinia

Father, at times I get real lonely, a little down even wondering will things ever change.
Wondering will anyone ever come to hold me up when my energy wanes.

Someone strong who can handle me and correct me along my way.
Someone gentle who can soothe me when I’m troubled or afraid.

Someone who’s embrace is strong, in their arms I have no worries.
Someone who’s presence is so warm that by it I am comforted.

Someone who’ll love me for me, not because of what I have or can offer.
Someone in whom I can trust, who’s love to me is like no other.

Someone with a great sense of humour who can make me laugh and put a smile on my face.
Someone full of joy and enthusiasm who can light up even the darkest place.

Someone who I can serve, because of want not just duty.
Someone I can love with everything that’s in me.

In fact, it would seem there’s one that already fits this criteria and much more.
Please forgive me for forgetting at times, it’s because I can’t physically see u my Lord.

But I’m already in receipt of the greatest love I could ever hope for.
The love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that never wanes nor falters.

Strength, protection, guidance to me You give already.
Joy, peace and laughter together we share a plenty.

You I serve with gladness, because You’re worthy, You’re my preference.
You I love with all my heart, fear and trembling, and with reverence.

Yes, to feel the loving touch of another person is a very natural desire.
But God, I’m reminded that there is no being higher
Than You, and all the great things You do, and all the ways in which You love me and all the things You’ve promised too.

So I’ll commit this desire to You and ask You to keep it for the mean time.
And realign my focus back to you and the things that are true, in real time.

Seeking first your Kingdom, after which all things will be added.
Delighting in you Lord because to You I’m already married.

So the next time I feel a bit lonely, I’ll close my eyes and seek your face.
Picture you holding me in your sweet embrace.

And should the Lord tarry and my circumstance stay unchanged,
I’ll draw comfort from the knowing that the greatest love for me will never cease to remain.


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