POEM: The Love of the Father | by Lavinia

Oh my precious child
Do you know you’re oh so loved?
Out of the whole of His entire creation
He regarded you as being “very good”.

He regards your soul more highly than all the precious things of the earth.
All the gems, metals and minerals combined couldn’t compare to your matchless worth.
So much so that He laid an age old path before you, a great plan of redemption.
That whilst you were still but a sinner He sacrificed His only begotten son for you.
He took on all your iniquity, this beautiful spotless lamb.
Your shame, your sin, your guilt, to make a way for your reconciliation.

Oh you must see my precious child
That you are oh so loved!
Just remain faithful in Him ‘til you draw your last breath
Then you’ll fully know the love when you’re joined with your Father in heaven above.



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