POEM: Why Jesus | by Adrian

There’s nobody who is greater
Than Jesus,
No other name under the sun but Jesus to be praised,
He amazes
The One who raised is,
The true One Lord of life.

To lay the foundation in every generation
There’s a simple demonstration of man’s imperfection
I don’t need an illustration,
Just look at your reflection.

Nuff said
Foundations laid today
He don’t care if you’re straight or gay within the context of sin,
The liars
And the paedophiles are the same to Him.

Now I’m building a house of truth grab your helmet
Christ came to save those within hells midst,
But the point is,
Does the Christ J apply to this?

It’s like building a brick house without cement or
Washing bright white shoes with filthy hands you’re a mess
Unstable a three legged table you’re reaching perfection but just,
Able. . . .

Though Jesus,
The dead raising, sick healing
Rebuker of demons, multitude feeding
Giver of life everlasting died on the cross but death couldn’t grasp Him,
World maker, creation shaper
Son of the Father cut sin like a barber
The One true innocent martyr picture of perfection, there’s no greater art than Jesus.

And finally I present the introduction
To the One who never recommends liposuction but repentance,
Is believing in Jesus to appease sin’s disease and He meets us,
In the life to come
To our heavenly home
Peace everlasting’s what Jesus holds
That’s why there’s nobody greater
No other way but the way of the Saviour, Jesus!


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