POEM: Truth Be Told | by Lavinia

It often aint easy when the truth be told!
A mum who loves me dearly but often feels distant and cold.

A father who sees me every once in a while.
When he addresses me it seems it’s often through forced smiles.

A mum who will give me whatever little money she’s got,
But just a word of encouragement, often times will not.

A father who’ll fix my broken appliance if his time allows.
But can’t make time, to come spend time, not this time, not now.

A mother who can be quick to highlight the error of my ways.
But rarely admit her own or help me set my path straight.

A father who from my youth made me feel inadequate for how I look, not thin.
But funnily enough, from my youth people have said I look just like him.

It often aint easy if the truth be told!
Being part of a family but mostly feeling alone.

No, It often aint easy but the truth be told!
But something joyous has happened to me which makes all that stuff seem unimportant, old…

My Father in heaven has recently found me. Him, He has caused me to see.
And seeks to make me anew, start afresh, wash me clean.
And cares so much for me, I’m engulfed by His love.
He loved me long before I even knew Him, long before I knew I could.
He loves to spend time with me, He seeks me wherever I am.
He keeps a watchful eye on me. I’m significant enough to Him that for my life He would have a plan.
He gives me everything I’ll ever need and much, much more.
All the love, correction and direction I need to spiritually mature.
In Him I’ll be perfected, in every little thing.
His desire is for me to look just like Him.

Truth be told I know my parents love me very much, as I love them – despite imperfection.
But I have a higher love for God now. Eternally I’ll praise Him for His grace & mercy, my spiritual family, His gift of salvation.


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