POEM: Lessons In Obedience (obey the Lord your God) | by Lavinia

In the book of Deuteronomy it does say, in chapter 28
That God’s kids will be blessed if His commands they diligently observe.
But it goes on then to say
If His commands they disobey
It’ll consequently only leave them cursed.

These scriptures absolutely have come alive for me today
As I reap the consequences of my choice to disobey Him.
I am that child cursed
From my failure to observe
The command the Holy Spirit gave me this morning.

It was a very small thing, just a passing comment really.
So much so that I even questioned if it was truly God that spoke.
But I reasoned it must be
And this command I would keep
Coz I ain’t even tryna take God for no joke.

However, a little problem arose as my circumstances told
Me it’d be rude to those around for me to do the thing the Holy Spirit said.
So instead I decided
To do what I thought was right’n
Pray that the Lord bless that instead.

(Silly fool was I)

Well my folly was quickly proved when what started out being cool
Quickly turned to disaster after disaster!
Wasted money,
Wasted time,
And the temptation to sin my soul
By cussin down someone, or tumpin down someone, or even worse!
And have to repent for it after.

(Lord have mercy on me, the flesh is strong sometimes #JustKeepinItReal)

The irony is that just this morning
I was discussing this very kind of disobedience I’ve seen in a brother.
To be fair, the scale is much grander
And the implications reach farther
But big or small, one sin is as bad as any other.

Oh, how very hypocritical I can be judging the disobedience of others I see.
Asking, “how could they, did they not know that if the Lord said it they should’ve?”.
But yet, at the very next request
From the Holy Spirit I get
I’m like, “nah Lord, I can’t be bothered”.

Unfortunately, as I’m writing this piece
I’m sat suffering in the midst
Of the consequences of what I chose to do today.
But still I give thanks
For the fact that
God’s still been gracious and merciful to provide for me a way.

So, the lesson of the day is, whether big or small, the Holy Spirit we must obey.
As there are blessings in obedience and curses if we’re not.
And if you’re reading this please pray
That tomorrow I don’t have to learn this lesson again
Coz everything that’s happened today I’ve forgot.


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