POEM: Guilty Pleasures | by Claudine

Once only conducted behind closed doors, we as a nation openly embrace our guilty pleasures.

We admittedly watch what we know we shouldn’t watch, admit to over eating, shopping and over indulging, but don’t worry its “just my guilty pleasure”.  We say it to justify ourselves, as we are after all entitled to ‘treating ourselves’.  I myself have my little treats too.  But we must be wise and not get trapped in the guilty pleasures of this world, for the Word says do not love the world nor the things in the world.

Harmless, you may think and your guilty pleasure is probably not as bad as most, but you are being deceived by the enemy if you think this is harmless.  The lie that comes, is that you’re entitled to do what you want when you want to.  After all its your life and your body.  But no my friend, after salvation, your body and life is not your own, for you were brought at a price.  A Saviour died so that you could have life and the Holy Spirit dwells in your body so that you can be set free, now more than ever as time is vastly running out.  As your little treats are sinful and most likely started off small, a statement one can testify with, only one can help, well He did already, He died on a cross, so we could be free, a free gift even, that we did not earn, can we be so ungrateful that we overlook this outpouring of love from God?  We need to remember who we are and that we’re not alone for God can do anything as his ultimate sacrifice always reminds us.  We need to surrender and let it all go and get ready for the blessing of eternal living.



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