POEM: Love At First Sight | by Claudine

Once upon a time I lived in a bubble.  A misty glazed crystal bubble.  My life was great, no worries in sight.  An army of family and heaps of friends, what more could I need.  Hooked on Disco’s and MTV, I could not wish for more.

But, young and naïve I was, I thought I knew it all.  No plans as such for the future, just enjoying life as it rapidly flew by.

Then one day, I saw ‘the one’, our eyes met and time stood still for what felt like eternity.

This is ‘the one’ I thought.  He’s ‘the one’ for me.  It’s love at first sight, can’t fight this moment.  Ecstatic that he chose me, I was floating around in my crystal bubble, beaming with love.

‘This will last forever I though’, my prince, my knight, the one who would love me forever and a day.

But you know the story, it was not meant to be.  Like many before me and many today, it ended before it started.  My bubble descended, and crashed landed back to reality.  I tried so hard to keep hold of the dream, after all he was my prince charming and it was love at first sight.

But now I’m older and a little wiser, I gave my life to Jesus who restored my thinking and showed me the light.

I was lost but now I’m found.  I was trapped in bondage, mental slavery, corrupted inside.  The devil had me and fed me so many lies, indoctrinated by my favourite TV shows and films, I believed in love at first sight, a lie that has lasted for centuries.

But I thank God today for His sacrifice, for salvation and for rescuing me from my life of sin, for I no longer believe in love at first sight, but that Jesus is now the love of my life.



3 thoughts on “POEM: Love At First Sight | by Claudine

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