Poem: Hope | by Adrian

Intro’s simple
Intro’s true
Hope’s the only thing that’ll
See you through

Hope is my shield and my sword bearer too
Hope says Satan your games through
Hope’s a vision that is made present
Hope isn’t distant its heaven sent
Hope’s the reason why I shrug my shoulder
I won’t give up
It’s not game over

Hope’s like gold at the end of a rainbow
Whether near or far get there quick or slow
Hope’s the petrol the fuel to your engine
Hope doesn’t lead you where doubt is sending
Hope is a dry land against a vicious river
Will you give up and sink or be a swimming winner
Can you break through the tide when your hopes just a glimmer
Do you strive to be a saint or strive to be a sinner?

Is it fading?
Is hope fading away?
Focus on your vision or your eyes will go astray
What is it in your mind that you cannot contemplate?
Now it’s just dust but once your vision was great
But don’t give up stick to your focus be like glue
Find your sword bearer and your shield barer too

Outro’s simple
Outro’s true
Hope’s the only thing that’ll
See you through!


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