Poem: Be Still | by Claudine

My days are hectic! No rest for me.
Things to do, people to see.
Oh when will I get a lie in?

My lists are never ending, no matter how small.
I feel like a ferris wheel going round and round.
I wonder when I will get a break!

Can you hear me Lord?
I need to escape.

As the wheel of life starts to slow, a sense of loss looms.
The pit of helplessness and self pity start to rise.
A million and one things to do, stand on my shoulders as the hope fades, but just as I begin to frown once more, I hear a voice begin to speak,
“Be still and know that I am God”

As I begin to let the words sink in, I realise once again the awesome, glorious power of my Lord that He is always there for me, never to leave nor forsake me.
This I already know but I continue to get my knickers in a twist.
Hear my prayer O Lord; help me to lean on your promises and not to be fearful or dismayed.
Forgive me Lord for not trusting in you with my life.
Help me to be still and know that you are Lord every minute and hour of the day.



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