Poem: Hope | by Adrian

Intro’s simple Intro’s true Hope’s the only thing that’ll See you through Hope is my shield and my sword bearer too Hope says Satan your games through Hope’s a vision that is made present Hope isn’t distant its heaven sent … Continue reading


SONG: Because Of Who You Are / I Could Sing | Adz, Lav & Miki

Just a lil tidbit for you all of Adz, Lav and Miki, singing and playing praises to God.

No matter what issues of life come your way, God always deserves the glory simply because of who He is. His love truly is amazing!

Enjoy and be blessed y’all!

NB. No intent to copyright, all rights belong to Micah Stampley, song- I believe (A Fresh wind- The Second Sound)

Psalm 35:9

And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD; It shall rejoice in His salvation. Psalm 35:9 (NKJV) Rejoice in your salvation always. SMILE YOU’RE SAVED!!! Advertisements


SPOKEN WORD: Love | by Adrian

Poetic inspiration from UYT’s Adrian. Listen, enjoy and be blessed!