POEM: ‘Untitled’ | by Claudine

I have too many questions, too many prayers.  Most start with why and please and end in Amen.

My mind is forever ticking, never ending soon.  I guess this means I’m still alive and have much more to achieve today.  But I have a list of questions that I need answering.  I’m still wondering why I have these questions and turn them into prayers.  I’m still waiting for an answer but I’m on standby or hold.  God will answer when His timing is right.  This brings comfort for the moment but then I’m back to why and buts, and as if this is happening to me.  I must admit I’m fed up with life, the pitfalls and the dissapointments.  I’m on one today like most days.  I can just about see the light, but I dream the end is in sight.  It must be, the world has gone crazy, the weather not too far behind, I’m racked with guilt for feeling so blue, it cant be that bad, I have food and water and family in sight.  I’m on one today, I can’t be bothered, I’m waiting for something magnificent to happen today, tomorrow, just one day will do, then I hear a voice say Do not be anxious, do not worry for something great has happened to you.  Its called salvation, you have My grace.  Not many have made it, but you have been given a new day, this is the day that was made, rejoice and be glad in it.  This puts my feet back on the ground and back to reality, as I’m in God’s hand just like the song sings, I am a child of His and He has everything in hand.  I put my trust in Him once again and ask for forgiveness for my rebellious mind, for I will seek his kingdom and rest in His word for I feel my answers will be answered in a moment without any doubt.